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Contact Information

Solidarity House: 313.926.5000

Region 2B: 419.893.4677

Legal Services: 800.482.7700

Union Hall: 330.538.2213

Union Hall Fax: 330.538.9800

Union Hall Toll-Free: 800.541.3638

President: Tim O'Hara

Vice President: Darwin Cooper

Recording Secretary: Michael Aurilio

Financial Secretary: Randy Kline

Secretary: Diane Franklin

CAP Chairman: Michael Aurilio

CAP Secretary: Beverly Cooper

Trustee: Dave Benner

Trustee: Jim Devlin

Trustee: Sam Swoger

Sergeant-at-Arms: Gary Brainard

Guide: Bill Adams

Retirees Executive Board Member: Robert Hall

Retirees Chairman: Bill Bowers

GM Shop Chairman: Dan Morgan

iSynergy Shop Chairman: Michaela Good

Mahoning County Department of Jobs and Family Services Shop Chairman: Deidre Devine

Leadec East Chairman: Aaron Johnstone

Leadec West Chairman: Rachel DeZee

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