Future UAW Local 1112 Retiree Meetings 2020

Bill Bowers – UAW Local 1112 Retirees Chairman 

      Future UAW Local 1112 Retiree Meetings

   We were unable to negotiate a new meeting agreement with the Mahoning Country Club. So as a result , we will be moving our membership meetings to a new location. Our next retirees meeting will be held on Monday, March 2, 2020, 11:00 am sharp at The Embassy Banquet Center, 5030 Youngstown Poland Rd. (Rt. 170), Youngstown, Ohio 44514. (If you are unfamiliar with this area, directions are on their website.) This move will accommodate our needs and save the retirees chapter lunch expense. There will not be a $5.00 lunch charge as I had previously reported, but the Executive Board will be discussing ways to save more money. 

   We will be losing members due to GM no longer being at Lordstown so our numbers will continue to get smaller through attrition and after February 2020 no new GM retirees from Lordstown. I know this is a big change but we want to keep our 1112 Chapter going and we have to save money.

   I want to thank the Mahoning Country Club for the past years of service, but do to the rising costs of that operation, we were unable to continue contract with them.