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Since the arrival of many members to our plant from other GM plants, there are numerous instances where GM members have paid dues at different locations for the same month. According to the UAW International Constitution, UAW members are required to pay 2 hours of regular dues each month they work at least 40 hours (or are paid in lieu of 40 hours) as described in Article 16 of the UAW Constitution.

While there have been instances of members paying regular dues at both Lordstown and their former location, there also have been instances of members paying SUB (1 hour) at their former location, and 2 hours regular dues at Lordstown. (In the instance where one hour dues was paid through SUB pay, the member would still owe 1 hour dues from their regular pay as well, provided they worked 40 hours during that calendar month.) Each member should not pay more than a total of 2 hours dues per month, unless they are being charged for other months which they may owe. If you feel you are owed a refund, there are a few things you can do to recieve the refund in a timely manner.

First, please provide the UAW 1112 Financial office with a copy of your paystub from GM Lordstown showing the deduction you felt was taken in error. Please make sure to include on that copy your name, phone number, and mailing address. Also, I will need either a withdrawal/transfer card from your former local showing your dues were paid at that location, or a copy of another paystub from the month in question showing you already paid that months dues. (For example, you came to Lordstown on June 14, and were charged 2 hours dues on your first check. I will need a copy of that stub, as well as a withdrawal/transfer card, or paystub from your former local showing that June's dues were already paid. This can be a regular payroll stub if you were working, or a SUB stub if you were laid off.)

Stub copies can be dropped off at the union hall, mailed to Financial Secretary Jim Stanton, 11471 Reuther Drive SW, Warren, Ohio 44481, or dropped off in the UAW Benefits office in the plant. Please put the copy in a sealed envelope with Financial Secretary Jim Stanton written on it. Each morning the UAW Retiree benefits rep brings the plant mail over to the Union Hall from the plant. The UAW Benefits Office is located near the back of the Work Out Center just inside the main lobby of the plant.

If you have any questions, you can always call me at 330-538-2213 (ext 104), or email me at


Jim Stanton

Financial Secretary


Jim Stanton, Financial Secretary
UAW Local 1112
Born in Warren, Ohio, Jim and his family’s lives have been greatly influenced by the auto industry. Jim is a third generation Auto Worker. Both his grandmother and father retired from Packard/Delphi automotive in Warren, and both his in-laws also retired from Delphi. Both he and his wife were able to attend college due to the good paying manufacturing jobs that their parents had.

Jim graduated from Warren John F. Kennedy high school in 1988, and attended Ohio University in Athens, Ohio from which he received a Bachelor of Business Degree in 1993. After being hired at General Motors in 1996, Jim took full advantage of his union negotiated Tuition Assistance Plan benefits, and went back to school to further his education. In 2004, Jim received his Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Youngstown State University.

Jim was first elected as your Financial Secretary in 2003, and was elected by acclimation in 2006 and 2009.

Jim resides in Kent, Ohio with his wife Tasha, their three children: Kalie, Mackenzie, and Nathan, and their dog Tressel.


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