Next Gen Committee

Jacob Tomaino, Chairman

News Article

the UAW Local 1112 Next Gen Committee will seek to educate, communicate, promote knowledge andincreaseinvolvement from our membership.  The Committee's goals shall be as follows:

  1. Become educated and knowledgeable about our union's bargaining agreement and rights; role and responsbilities of both our leadership andour membership, per our Constitution; historical events; political involvement; and standing committee functions and responsibilities

2.   Be an active body of our local union by attending union sponsored events, meetings and rallies; helping to engage our newer members in discussing union issues; promoting and encouraging involvement from our newer members; and communicating issues/questions that the newer members have to the leadership.

3.  Helping to initiate and create camaraderie and solidarity by breaking down the barriers that exist among our members sos that we may UNITE as one formidable entity.





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