Local 1112 was chartered by the International Union on June 9, 1966.
Our first President was William Senek 1966-1968 followed by: Burnell "Bud" Muth 1968-1970, Gary Bryner 1970-1973, Tony Zone 1973 -1974, Marlin Ford 1974 -1982, Rudy Gasparek 1982-1985, Bill Bowers 1985-1994, Tony Zone 1994-1997, Jim Graham 1997-2012, and Glenn Johnson, our current President. 


Local 1112 Union Hall - 1966. Located in Newton Falls, Ohio

From 1966 to the early 70's Local 1112 had two bargaining units. Body, Paint and Trim were represented by the Fisher Body Shop Committee and Chassis was represented by the Chevy Shop Committee. The first chairman was Burnell "Bud" Muth, Chevy Chairman, 1966-68 and Roger Smith, Fisher Body Chairman, 1966-69 followed by: Ike Singledecker Chevy Shop Chairman 1968-69; Paul Cubellis, Fisher Body Shop Chairman 1968-71; Ryan Price, Chevy Chairman 1969-71, Paul Cubellis, Chairman 1971-72; Ryan Price, Chairman, 1972-74; Tony Scandy died in office, 1974; Charly Mason 1974-76; Al Alli 1976- Dec.98. Brother Alli had held the office of Shop Chairman in the U.A.W. longer than anyone else in history, his sudden passing was a great shock to us all. Larry Wilkins became Chairman next followed by John Mohan who has become our regional representative. Ben Strickland is now our Shop Chairman.


Our new Union Hall begins to take shape in June, 1970

Local 1112's first union hall was located in Newton Falls Oh. It was moved to its present location and was named and dedicated the Reuther Memorial Hall on July 25, 1971. In 1975 the hall was renamed Reuther-Scandy Hall in honor of former Chairman Tony Scandy. On Sept. 13th, 1998 the facility was renamed the Reuther-Scandy-Alli Hall, in honor of our late Chairman. Local 1112 is in Region 2-B of the U.A.W.


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